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Is it hot enough for you? These August days in Texas are predictable but not comfortable. We worry and stress over keeping ourselves cool and hydrated, but do we give enough thought to how hot weather affects our cars? If you don’t, there can be a big price to pay so take note of these hot weather tips:

HOT temp guage

Your coolant is your friend! Check your coolant level because a low level could cause your engine to overheat. But be sure not to open a HOT radiator to check the coolant level because you can get badly burned. Always wait until the engine has cooled. If your level is low add a 50/50 mix of coolant and water to the radiator, never just straight water. The coolant helps to raise the boiling temperature in the radiator and protect against corrosion.

overheated car

Check your A/C.  Nothing makes hot weather worse than a poorly functioning air conditioner.  If you are not getting cold air from your vents then the refrigerant may be low. Your system may need to be checked for leaks before adding refrigerant.

Check that oil.  Fresh oil can increase the lubrication for your engine and help it to run more efficiently. If you have an older, high mileage vehicle it can be helpful to switch to heavier viscosity motor oil during hot weather.  Synthetics can be even better for high temperatures.

oil light

Be alert to your battery.   The life of a car battery is 4 to 5 years. If yours is 5 plus years old it could need replacing soon.  Hot weather is harder on batteries than cold weather because of the rate of evaporation of the liquid electrolyte inside the battery (if not a gel type battery). You can look at the date code on the battery to determine how old it is.

Change out the windshield wipers.   Wiper blades have a limited lifespan and summer can be hard on them. Sun exposure and extreme heat age the rubber and cause it to be brittle and crack. If you notice streaks or smears when used then it is time to replace them.

Inflate those tires.  Underinflated tires can make them run hot and increase the chance of a blowout.

Wax on protection.  Like sunscreen for your car, wax or spray protectant helps to shield the paint from the ultraviolet rays.

Taking just a few steps to protect your car in the summer heat can help you have a more carefree and safe summer. For more tips on driving or any driving related matters, check us out at

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