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Defensive Driving Course on Your Mobile Devices

Download our new Android App for Free. This will make the defensive driving course even easier. Stay tuned for our iOS App coming soon.

Defensive Driving Mobile



mobile defensive drivingWhen we opened the first online defensive driving school in Texas back ages ago in 1998 the mobile devices were non existent. We are talking ages ago, before and smartphones, iPhone, tablet, iPad so the best we could do was to make the course online. At least Texans did not have to spend their week-end in a classroom listening to some boring lecture with outdated videos.

Once the technology was available, we had to bring that convenience to our fellow Texans and that’s where this mobile defensive driving course came from. Now you can actually take the course with you. Think about how much time the average commuter spends in a car, stuck in traffic, skipping the radio stations to avoid loud car sale commercials. How about spending that time listening to our mobile defensive driving course? What a use of otherwise waste time eh!

You can download all the course material to your mobile device or stream it while you are on the move. Bring some ear buds with you and put any idle time to work. Can you imagine having a layover at some airport and being able, without breaking out your laptop, to progress through the defensive driving course?

We track your progress so nothing goes to waste. Take the course in blocks whenever you have time from where ever you might be. The vidcast or podcast will work on ANY mobile device, In addition all the course material is also available on YouTube so there is now way you can’t access it.

Of course if your find yourself at your desk or on your couch with your laptop open you can still take the course.

We have worked very hard to make sure this mobile course is completely trouble free for you. We hope you enjoy it. Please visit our social media if you feel like leaving a good word.

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