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Defensive driver best gift? – Here it is

Hot gift in 2015 may help a defensive driver record others’ unsafe driving (or provide evidence in case of an accident).

With the advent of smaller and smaller video sensors, these dashcams make a great gift for anyone behind the wheel. Most of the time the videos are captured on SD cards and in some instances the videos can even be instantaneously shared with Wi-Fi. While some may catch the craziness of other drivers on the road, there are also videos that are just funny and bizarre. In same cases these video are the only testimony of a unique event, including a meteor hitting earth (Russia – 2014)

The price ranges are wide and so are the features of each camera. Some of the features to look for:

  • Ignition on – camera on. These are dashcams that will automatically turn on when the car starts. No need to remember to start or stop the camera.
  • Auto screen off. A serious feature to prevent driver’s distraction. The last thing the owner of the dashcam needs is to cause an accident because the screen took the driver’s eyes off the road.
  • G-sensor to detect if the car is involved in an accident. Some cameras will sense the G forces and automatically bookmark the video for faster search at a later time.
  • A few of the dashcams work off batteries instead of power cables. This could be seen as an negative unless you need to record something by taking the camera outside the vehicle.

The top 4 best brands are listed here:

Black Box G1W

Cost approx. $50.
defensive driver best friend

Mobius action

Cost Approx $90
how can a defensive driver record accidents


Cost approx. $145 safe while using this dashcam

Garmin Dash Cam™ 20

Cost approx. $250
garmin for defensive driving

You may witness a moment of defensive driving skills while on the road or maybe a funny situation in a parking lot. Share it with us and we will in turn share it for the rest of public. Nothing teaches a lesson like a real, original video.

Enjoy the new toy!



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