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Happy New Year – Defensive Driving in 2017

Make a Resolution to take Defensive Driving in the New Year!

It’s true, it’s true….. While browsing suggestions online for automotive New Year’s Resolutions, we came across a site that, among other things, suggests that everyone take a defensive driving course in the New Year to help fix bad driving habits and establish some new, good ones. Really, you can check it out at If you are reading this blog you are already in the right place to make that resolution come true –!

New Year Defensive Driving

So yes, it was on the list but there were many other great ideas in addition to taking a course. In no particular order, here are a few suggestions for ways to make your car better and you safer in the New Year:

Change Your Oil on Time

This is one area that many websites emphasize when it comes to paying attention to your car’s needs. It not only extends the life of your car but cuts down on wear and tear. Put it on your calendar now.

Be More Chill

Vow to calm down on the road this year. That is if you are prone to road rage. Allow people extra space in front of you instead of tailgating. Don’t cut people off or fly into a rage if they cut you off. Relax a bit more and focus on good driving habits.

Get a General Check Up

Have a professional check over your vehicle this year to be sure nothing has worn out and is about to create a problem. Have a qualified technician check your brakes, tires, hoses, belts and battery. A little preventive care can buy a lot of peace of mind.

Check Your Insurance

The beginning of the year is a great time to review your insurance coverage. Did you add someone this year? Do you have enough coverage for your young drivers who tend to get into more accidents? After you have an accident is the wrong time to find out that your coverage is inadequate.

Vow Not to Text

This is perhaps the best resolution. Make a promise to not text and drive and you will be safer in the long run. There are over 100,000 crashes in Texas a year that are caused by distracted driving with texting being at the top of that list. Do yourself a favor and put the phone down.

Whatever your resolution for 2017, let it be a safe and prosperous year for us all. And look no further than should you want a refresher course or need a ticket dismissed.

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