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Defensive Driving Videos

Defensive Driving Videos in Texas.

Texans send in videos of what they see and witness while driving. These Defensive Driving videos show how attitudes and skills can, and do, save lives everyday. Take a look at these few examples we have received in the past few weeks. We will keep this blog fresh with new videos and updates. Be safe and keep you eyes open while on the road in Texas and anywhere else.

How to cause an accident when exiting a Texas freeway – Video of a missed freeway exit.

This driver has missed the exit of the freeway. Instead of taking the next exit a couple of miles down the road, he decides to cut across and exit at the last minute. While doing that he also decides to reduce his speed to less that 20 mph on the exit ramp where vehicles are traveling at 40-50 mph. This is exactly how accidents happen…sudden change of direction and grossly mismatched speeds causing unavoidable obstacles. Thankfully, the driver exiting the freeway was able to clear the bad driver without causing an accident.


What should be in your car Emergency Kit. – Video of last second ugly surprise.

Look how a dark road can reveal a surprise at the very last second! The driver in the right lane notices the stopped car very late and slams on the brakes to change lane. It would have made a huge difference if the stranded driver had an Emergency Kit with visible signals like flares, flashing lights, roadside beacon, etc…etc.. Nice defensive driving video showing quick reflexes.


Aggressive driving increases chances for road accidents. – Video of aggressive driver causing problems.

Check out this driver… comes fast on the left, cuts in front and starts tailgating the other car in front applying pressure, causing panic and erratic driving. This is the kind of driving that can get you killed, even if you are minding your own business. Always be safe and aware of your surroundings and keep sending in those defensive driving videos to be shared.

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