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Methods to Deal with Road Rage

6 Best Methods to Deal with Road Rage

How many times do you see wrongs done on the road either to you or others? It is easy to retaliate but that is the first step in escalating a confrontation into road rage. You may want to practice these 6 easy steps and prevent any dangerous situation while behind the wheel.

  1. Listen to the Right Kind of Music
    Music has a huge effect on our emotions. While listening to pump up music can get you feeling all sorts of strong emotions, soothing music may just be the perfect thing to keep you cool when driving.
  2. Give Yourself Some Extra Time
    If you allow yourself some extra time to get to your destination, your drive will be much more comfortable because you aren’t in a rush. Try and keep a schedule to make sure you’ll not only arrive on time, but also have no road rage incidents.
  3. Carpool
    You’re probably wondering, how can this help me stay calm when driving? Often times if the people in the car are co-workers or acquaintances, people tend to reduce their road rage because they don’t want others seeing them in such conditions.
  4. Get Enough Rest
    We can all relate to the fact that when we’re tired, we tend to get grumpy. Make sure you have gotten enough rest each night before driving the next day. It’s more important than you think!
  5. Try to Develop Driver Empathy
    A good tip we always recommend is to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. You never really know what’s going on in their life, so before you roll down your window and start screaming, think about how they’re feeling too.
  6. Pull Over, Take a Break
    Driving while you’re road raged can often times be just as bad as driving buzzed or drowsy. If you begin to get angry or upset, take a pit stop and calm yourself down for a few minutes before getting back on the road.

You can also read further about road rage in the Texas Department of Insurance Factsheet

Texas road rage

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