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Speeding Tickets, Speed Demons and Lamborghini.

The Speeding Ticket.

Police have been giving speeding tickets for a long time. The history is a bit unclear but it sounds like the very first fine for speeding was imposed in New York City in 1899 to Mr. Jacob German, a cab driver. A cab driver in New York City speeding? That was just destiny. Mr . German was arrested but was not given a proper ‘ticket’.

The first actual paper ‘ticket’ seems to have been given in Ohio in 1904 to Mr. Harry Myers. Both speed demons were traveling at a mind blowing speed of 12 MPH.

In 1908, again in New York, police officer William Seaman riding this gorgeous Indian motorcycle, chased down a Mr. Jones also riding a motorcycle at the neck breaking speed of 39 mph. Mr. Seaman V-twin Indian was at the time one the most advanced bike in USA.

Speeding Tickets

Cars and motorcycles have certainly gotten faster since then but so have the police. Now an officer ‘chases’ you down basically at the speed of light using either a radar gun or a speed camera (mostly in Europe).

Speed Radar Gun

However, there is one police force that will use the opportunity not only to give you a ticket for speeding, but also to embarrass you, should you decide not to stop. The Italian Police have just been given the newly released Lamborghini Huracan, a 202 mph beast with a 610 horsepower V10.

(This video is not the new Huracan, but the previous Gallardo. Oh well… you get the idea)

Italian Police Speeding Lambo

The prices of the speeding ticket have obviously gone up as well over the years. From a few cents around the turn of the century, to the most expensive speeding ticket ever, an incredible $220,000 given in Finland to Mr. Salonoja for driving 80 km/h in a 40 km/h zone (50 mph in a 25 mph zone).

Overall the US still has one of the lowest price tags when it comes to a citation for speeding. See what some of the other countries are giving as penalties for speeding and in some cases how the fine is calculated.

Finland, Denmark (depending on annual income)
Highest Fines: $220,000 (or more)

Highest Fines: $25,000

The United Kingdom
Highest Fines: $8,000

The United States
Highest Fines: $2500

Norway & Iceland
Highest Fines: 10% of annual income and jail time (Norway), $2700 (Iceland)

Highest Fines: $1800

France, Switzerland, Italy
Highest Fines: $2100

Highest Fines: $857

Highest Fines: $623 and  four points on their license. Achtung!

If you were pulled over and got a ticket, either by a police officer riding in a Lamborghini or just by getting ‘lit-up’ by a speed gun, come and take defensive driving to learn or refresh your defensive driving skills. has a course you can take with you on your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.


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